If Ever You’ve Seen This Painting, Here’s The Secret Behind The Portrait Most Don’t Know

The image of Jesus of Nazareth from the iconic painting is familiar to many Christians. You probably don’t even need to guess which one I’m referring to – the picture may already be so deeply embedded into your mind, you can see it clear as day even as we speak. Many Americans grew up with this portrait hung in their home, or perhaps at their church. However, most don’t know the real story behind the image.


Many of us probably have the romantic notion that this famous painting of Jesus has been passed down throughout the centuries from a more well-known artist. However, it’s actually the handiwork of American painter Warner Sallman, a mid-westerner from Chicago, Illinois. This talented artist actually crafted over 500 pieces of artwork, but it was his “Head of Christ” painting that has reproduced over half a billion times.


Warner was a highly devout Christian who was dedicated to bringing Christ to the world in his own unique way. Watch the video below to find out the real truth behind the controversial portrait of Jesus. You’ll also get a firsthand peek at the other amazing images of Jesus Christ that he created.