She Is Enjoying Her Day Wakeboarding. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Water To The Right [video]

On a clear blue morning, the Pro-Windsurf La Ventana team decided to take their boat out on the water. Little did they know the Gulf of California- the Sea of Cortez would have a surprise in store for them.

Everything was going smoothly, the boat was running great, everyone was happy to strip off their responsibilities for the morning and enjoy themselves out in the ocean. And why not? The sky was blue, the water was warm, and they didn’t have a care unattended to. So, these young risk takers partook in a variety of water activities. But it was when they decided to go wake boarding, that their lives forever changed. But before that big moment, this difficult activity was easy for the young woman on the board to master.

The sun beams down on all of these happy people. Each of them has a plastered smile across their faces. That’s when the young woman notices the creatures below. And it makes her jump in her skin…

 The man in the video completely predicts what will happen with their newly shot footage. “We’re going to make a YouTube sensation” he remarks to the camera woman, “keep filming”. What is happening is truly unsettling yet inspiring.Dolphins suddenly burst through the surface of the water. Like the woman skating across the ocean’s surface, the dolphins play along and join in the fun. No wonder they are considered such intelligent creatures – they know how to have a good time just like people!

The sight is amazing, seeing so many dolphins gracefully surround the woman without pushing her off.  The scene looks like it was something straight out of a movie.

Dolphins are very communicative animals, and are playful as well, which proves to provide a great experience for man and beast to interact on an elevated level.

Watch below for the incredible discovery that the young woman makes before the camera detects what’s going on.

More than 17 million people have viewed this clip on YouTube, another 1.2 million on Rumble, and even more on other video service websites.

According to the viral clip’s YouTube description: “This was definitely one of the TOP 3 afternoons of my LIFE!!!” the uploaded Wyatt Miller wrote.

Thousands shared comments about the video. Here are some of the most popular:

“Now, THAT’S the way to spend time with the dolphins! NOT in some man-made lagoon in a resort! AWESOME!” Molly Whitebear wrote.

“1:37 – 1:39 one of the dolphins is making a nice BIG air jump (look a bit to the right hand side, horizon level),” Timur Sungurktekin wrote.

Others think the wakeboarder put the dolphins in danger by going so close to them.

“I was hoping that a great white shark would jump out and snatch that ***** on the skis.,” Tony Samos wrote to slander the rider.

“what a way to endanger dolphins for the sake of becoming a you tube hit, I hope you get fined,” user Venom400 wrote.

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