The daycare chef never missed a day of work, then the owner demanded she come outside with him.


Menial, so called “dead end jobs”, always seem to have one thing in common – a manager who is difficult to deal with! Even when you are hardworking and actually enjoy the work, dealing with the manager can make the job seem awful.

 The worst case scenario is when your boss comes up to you and tells you to follow them. Uh-oh, what did you do wrong? You race through your job performance in your head, or you fear that little mistake you made the other day is going to be blown out of proportion. Or maybe they are just laying off people and you are on the chopping block.Veronica Solis was in this situation. Her boss, Alex Rios, was going to have a talk with her. It was likely about her tardiness. Veronica was repeatedly showing up late to work. She didn’t have a car and had to rely on other means of transportation, so tardiness was indeed an issue and what was likely going to get her canned.


Alex told Veronica to step outside.

This wasn’t good as it could mean he was going to really unleash how upset he was over her repeated tardiness, and describe to her how it was negatively affecting the daycare business. Veronica was a cancer survivor and she was a hardworking employee. But Veronica indeed did find herself crying hard upon hearing what her boss had to say. But she didn’t expect the crying to be tears of actual joy!


Check out what happens and what made Veronica cry so much. It’s not the negative outcome that you would expect, and certainly nothing that Veronica ever expected would happen!