Dad blasted for marrying woman who looks ‘exactly like his daughter’

Like daughter, like … wife?

A man who is 16 years older than his wife is being accused by trolls of marrying a woman who looks “exactly like his daughter.”

Chris Chapin, 44, and his wife, Savana Chapin, 28, first met when she began working for him four years ago as a hairstylist at the salon he owns in Gilbert, Arizona.

At that time, Savana said she wasn’t interested in being in a relationship, while Chris had just filed for divorce from his previous wife.

“My life was kind of in a tailspin,” the owner of Awsum Salon admitted on an episode of the YouTube show “Love Don’t Judge.”

The father of six said the more time he spent with Savana, the more he realized there was something “super special” between them that he’d never felt before.

At first, the pair hid their blossoming romance — especially since Chris’ 21-year-old daughter, Tizziana, who goes by Tizzi, also works at the salon.

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Savana is only seven years older than her stepdaughter Tizzi.
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The couple has a 16-year age gap, but they say that doesn’t affect their relationship.

But mostly, they were worried they’d be judged.

The couple admitted there was some “controversy” in the salon when they told everyone they were dating.

They revealed some of their co-workers even accused Savana of being a “home wrecker” and suggested Chris was abusing her due to their age difference and power dynamic.

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They love their blended family.

“Tizzi was originally very thrown off,” Savana admitted, although it didn’t stop them from falling in love and tying the knot.

“Now we’re best friends and she’s my little right-hand man,” the doting stepmom gushed.

The couple now have three children together, in addition to the three children he shares with his ex-wife.

Savana started posting about their life together on TikTok, which she said was heavily criticized by strangers online.

“I had made the mistake of putting my age above where I was and [Tizzi’s] age above where she was [in one of my videos],” Savana explained.

“It just started this big massive tornado of negative comments,” she continued. “Most of them were geared towards Chris.”

Some users were fixated on the age difference, even joking that Savana will be a grandma by the time she’s 30 years old, to which the family members lip-synced the words “Why not?”

Savana said many commenters brought up the similarities between her and Tizzi and how it makes them uncomfortable.

“I would be traumatized if my dad married someone who looks exactly like me,” one person wrote.

“Do you want to date your daughter?” another asked.

“Y’all look like sisters,” observed another.

Despite criticism, the loved-up couple adore their blended family and don’t care what the haters say — and are thrilled people become more accepting over time.

“A lot of comments now are like, ‘I wish I could have this relationship with my stepmom,’” Savana recalled.

“We’re just one big family and it doesn’t matter what anyone says,” she continued. “Because we’re happy and that’s all that matters.”