Blind Teen With Autism Led In Front Of Thousands At Fenway Park, Brings Crowd To Feet With Powerful Rendition Of National Anthem.

Christopher Duffley is a YouTube star, viral sensation, amazing singer… and he happens to also be blind and have autism.

Christopher’s very existence is something of a miracle. He was born prematurely with cocaine in his system and doctors doubted he’d survive beyond his first few hours outside the womb. And yet, Christopher is still alive and well today. In fact, Christopher is not only alive, he’s now a recording artist who has released 2 albums and who regularly posts music to YouTube for his thousands of subscribers.

In the video below, 14-year-old Christopher performs the National Anthem at Fenway Park during the Boston Red Sox’s “Autism Speaks Night” against the Cleveland Indians.

If Christopher appears totally calm and collected despite the hundreds of people in the audience, it’s because this is not Christopher’s first rodeo at Fenway Park!


Christopher’s rendition of the National Anthem has the audience up on their feet cheering. And it’s easy to see why.

Christopher is an inspiration. There’s truly nothing he can’t do!


Check out the video below to hear Christopher’s amazing performace.

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