2-Yr-Old Triplets Chase After Garbage Truck. Wait Until You See The Reason Why…

Two-year-old triplets Holden, Heaton, and Wilder wait excitedly each Tuesday and Friday for their best friends to come and play. This may not sound like anything unusual for three toddlers…until you find out who their best friends are – their garbage men.

The triplets wait expectantly each week for “Garb Day,” as they call it, so they can see their friends, trash collectors Andrew Black, Rob Whitmore, and Chad Cover. Videos and pictures that their mom took of them going out to greet the garbage men have recently gone viral, and it’s not hard to see why.

“The crew gets out of the truck and they high-five the babies and give fist bumps and we talk,” the triplets’ mother, Martha Sugalski, told BuzzFeed. “They spend 10 to 15 minutes with us every Tuesday and Friday.”

The toddlers often bring out drinks and snacks for their friends, and then help them load the garbage into the truck.

The toddlers first became acquainted with these garbage men when they were just 2 months old. Martha would walk them around the neighborhood in their stroller and would wave whenever the garbage truck went by.

“After a couple months, the garbage truck would beep the horn and the babies would look at the truck, and then Andrew would wave and say ‘Hi babies!’ from the window,” she said. “Eventually, he’d stop the truck, get out, take off his gloves, and say hi to the babies.”

“We’ve been doing this for over two and a half years,” Martha added. “Over time, it’s just really become a caring, close friendship with these guys.”

These quick little “playtimes” have become the highlight of both the triplets’ and the garbage collectors’ weeks.

“Lately, when the truck leaves and Chad’s waving goodbye to them, Heaton sits at the edge of the driveway and he says, ‘Come back,’” Martha said.

Andrew told BuzzFeed that “it’s hard to explain” how happy the little tots make him. He’s been off work due to an injury, but said he still goes to visit the triplets when he can.

“I just love the triplets. I almost feel like they’re my own,” he said. “Every time I see them, they just bring me joy.”

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