10 Survival Life Hacks


There are lots of lists on the internet with essential life hacks, that everyone should know and it’s hard to choose which one of these is the best. Instead of making a selection of the best life hacks, there is a lift with essential survival life hacks that can prove to be highly useful for everyone. Did you know that you can make a candle (a scented one out of an orange? Just cut it in half, peel it and add some vegetable oil and you will have a candle. Or have you ever thought about using thin foil as a battery? If you are out of batteries, and you need only one more in order for your flashlight to work, you can always hack a it with a help of a battery and thin foil. It will work exactly the same as if it were running on two batteries. There are some amazing survival tips in this video, see them for yourself and decide which one of these 10 hacks is the most useful to you