Top 10 Simple Home Remedies To Treat Vaginal Odor Problem


Many people (read women) feel really embarrassed to admit and also discuss their problems related to the personal hygiene. They really feel uncomfortable talking about their problems even to their doctors and generally try to mask them using a strong deodorant or fragrance.Top 10 Simple Home Remedies To Treat Vaginal Odor Problem
Vaginal smell is a very common problem that many ladies, specifically teenage girls encounter when they go into puberty. If you have this issue, try to understanding that every 9 from 10 ladies have vaginal odor, so you are not alone. You don’t need to hide or hesitate, because we have put together ten of the very best vaginal smell home remedies that can assist you without having to go to a doctor. They are explained thoroughly here:

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

1. Prevent Tight Fitting Clothes:

Like your organism, your private parts should take a breath too. Put on cotton underwear that allows your body to breathe. As attracted as you might be on seeing brochures of vivid and expensive thongs, stop wearing them as it can cause excessive sweat and also smell.

2. Soap Is Not Good:

Utilizing too much soap to clean your vaginal parts can cause discrepancy in the production of natural chemicals. It therefore results in the undesirable scent and odor. Rather, wash your personal parts with an intimate vaginal clean made in your home. Add a few drops of rose water and glycerin to a cup of water and use this to wash your intimate parts.

3. Yoghurt Is A Wonderful Treat:

Yoghurt might not be your favorite food, but it could work to decrease the vaginal smell substantially. A solid vaginal odor is a sign of a yeast infection as well as the germs in yoghurt can aid fight the infection and minimize the odor as well. Merely have several cups of unsweetened yoghurt a day, preferably with meals to recover the typical pH in the vaginal area. Conversely, if you suffer from a quite strong vaginal smell, dip a tampon into yoghurt and delicately place it right into your vaginal area. Leave it in for an hour or two before you take it out and rinse the area.

4. Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

It makes good sense to note just what you eat and get rid of the meals that activate the smell. Wonderful food that contains a great deal of sugar or meals abundant in yeast could frequently cause vaginal smell. You need to avoid them to reduce the yeast infection and in turn minimize the vaginal odor.

5. Tea Tree Oil:

If you use perfumed wipes and vaginal deodorants, it’s time to put them into the trash can. These products can be the reason that interferes with the vagina’s pH balance and generates an infection and unpleasant odor. To get rid of odors, use tea tree oil diluted in water as a vaginal clean. Tea tree oil is both anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal, and therefore will certainly curb the infection while battling the smell.

6. Our Green Friends:
Do you remember reading about chlorophyll, that plants use it to make their very own food with the use of sunshine and water? Yes, that’s true; chlorophyll can do wonders in reducing vaginal scent. Fluid chlorophyll works as a great deodorant and helps in reducing the strong and undesirable odor. Fluid chlorophyll is effortlessly available in many pharmacists. Consume one tablespoon of chlorophyll watered down with 8 oz. of water and you will never have to go to the doctor to eliminate vaginal odor.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):

ACV is yet one more potent remedy that is fail-proof when it comes to fighting vaginal smell. Mix a cupful of vinegar in your bathtub and soak in it for some time to eliminate the contaminants that are creating the vaginal odor. The vinegar that is acidic in nature is packed with anti-bacterial properties that will certainly help you kill the smell causing germs.

8. Garlic Can Work For You:

Some might question the potency of garlic in treating vaginal odor because of its own pungent odor. Trust us when we claim that this is absolutely one of the best known home remedies to kill the overwhelming vaginal smell. You can take garlic pills or peel fresh garlic, cover it and put it into the vaginal area.

9. Fenugreek:

When eaten every day, fenugreek assists in controlling the hormone levels in women. It additionally promotes regular menstruations. Saturate a dose of fenugreek seeds overnight and drink the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning. You can additionally make herbal tea from its seeds or add it into your meals directly.

10. Sodium bicarbonate:

If you thought that baking soda finds its usage simply in pies and bread recipes, you are wrong. Vaginal smell intensifies when the pH level of the body goes awry. Baking soda aids in bringing your pH levels back to normal. Drop a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in your bath tub and take in its goodness. Do not stop there! Add a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water and gulp it down, as difficult as it may be to do so. You will be shocked to see just how it assists you to get rid of the smell rapidly.

Keep in mind that if the panty liners, pads or other such lining composed are getting in touch with to your private parts, they can cause the production of yeast or bacteria causing the bad vaginal scent. Stay clear of the use or limit the use of liners and also pads, unless absolutely required. The suggestion is to stay all-natural and play it safe by seeing your doctor frequently.

Try these simple home solutions to treat the problem of vaginal odor quickly. Please share your comments and experiences in the comments section below.