Toddler Wants To Play In Snow, Throws Adorable Tirade When Dad Says No.

When toddlers start to assert themselves, things can get hilarious in a hurry. Whether it’s that last slice of apple that fell on the ground or to go run outside in the rain, they want what they want, and they want it right now. It takes time for tact and maturity to catch up with their pint sized willpower, but at least their ‘hilarious’ antics provide ample entertainment.

This was the case with little Lana. In the video below, we find the toddler and her dad wrapped up in an ‘argument’ for the ages. On this particular night, Lana was just dying to go outside without her snow boots – no matter what dad said to convince her otherwise.


Dad spent the better part of 2 minutes reasoning with Lana while she “argued” back at him. While we are pretty sure she wasn’t speaking a language Dad understood, her adorable tirade seems so convincing that she has everyone laughing.


The adorable moment was too cute not to share with you! Check it out in the video below.

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Source: Toddler Wants To Play Outside, Gives Daddy An Epic Argument by AFV on Rumble