This Super-Easy Drink Prevents and Kills Cancer Cells In 3 Months!


Can cer will make itself be known in 41% of people in the United States, but what people do not realize is that our bodies are made to help themselves in these situations. There are natural ways to go about almost any situation; cancer is no exception!

Today we have for you a recipe that is tried and true, it has been tested by and found to help a Chinese celebrity known as Mr. Seto, who suffered from lung cancer. It was recommended to him by a herbalist, and in three months’ time he was completely cured.

This simple, yet deliciously healthy drink is full of vitamins and minerals as well as an abundance of antioxidants. Science has proven that a high intake of vegetables for cancer and fruits can reduce the risk of developing cancer, as well as other diseases.

2 Beetroot

2 Carrot

1 Whole Apple


Simply add the ingredients into a blender or juicer, if using a blender strain first using a fine sieve. Enjoy!

*Note- It is important to choose all organic ingredients for your juice! Drink in on an empty stomach first thing in the morning at least a full hour before eating.