This is What Your Tongue is Telling You About Your Health


What exactly does your tongue say about your health?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine, when looking to diagnose a problem an acupuncturist often times looks at the tongue. You, of course, look at them crazy and then you oblige by sticking out your tongue. There is a method to the madness; your tongue can show more than you think.

They are looking for many things the size, shape, color, thickness, a coating of fur, locations of abnormalities, moistness or dryness. These are signs that reveal not only overall states of health, but correlate to specific organ functions and disharmonies.

In Chinese medicine, the tongue is a map to the entire body. Your tongue is a very sensitive organ and it appearance changes with many of the physical changes in the body. It is divided into five element zones that correspond with the network of your internal organs. Water, earth, wood, metal, and fire.


Pink with a thin white coating is healthy.
A pale tongue body indicates Deficient Xue or Qi or Yang or Excess Cold.
An overly red tongue body indicates Excess Heat.
A purple tongue indicates that Qi and/or Xue are not moving harmoniously and are Stagnant.
Pale purple means the Stagnation is related to Cold.
Reddish purple is related to Stagnation of Heat.
When the tongue is black or grey, it indicates extreme Stagnation; if black and dry, that indicates extreme Heat Stagnation; black and wet is an indication of extreme Cold Stagnation.
Bright red indicates deficient Yin or Excess Heat. Dark red indicates Excess Heat.34

Thick fur indicates Excess.
Thin fur is related to Deficiency during illness but is normal if you are well.
Fur that is wet indicates Excess fluids and/or a Deficient Yang. Dry fur is a sign of Excess Yang or Deficient fluids.
A greasy fur is a sign of Phlegm or Dampness in the body.
If the fur looks peeled off or missing, it reveals Deficient Spleen or Yin or fluids.
White, moist fur indicates Cold. Yellow fur means Heat. However, white fur, resembling cottage cheese, points to Heat in the Stomach.
Grey/black fur with a red body is associated with extreme Heat; grey/black fur with a pale body is a sign of extreme Cold.
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