Sugared Cranberries


Yesterday, at our local Kroger, my grandmother insisted on getting some cranberries for our grandfather, who cannot survive Christmas without them. She went on to tell me about this delicious recipe for “Sugared Cranberries”, which I definitely wanted to make. Although I have never tasted raw cranberries, the sugar part was calling me. Anything with sugar is delicious, so I told her to get some cranberries and sugar and make some.

We brought these home, and today, when my sisters and I were making gingerbread houses, she started to make some. I made sure to offer my help, and asked if it would be okay if I posted this on Instructables. Of course she agreed, and I told her that I would post this Instructable on my Facebook page. She didn’t mind, so here we go!

Prep Time: About 10 minutes
Total Time: Around 25 minutes

A few things before we start, of course. I do not suggest this recipe if you do not like sour or sweet foods. Cranberries are EXTREMELY sour, but with the sugar, there is a good medium of sweet and sour. And also, do not try to make these two minutes before your Christmas feast. They do take a few minutes to make, so have at least ten minutes of free time to make these. Let’s begin, shall we?

Sugared Cranberries