Police Arrest Father Of 11 After Noticing Smell Coming From Apartment

A father was arrested in Pennsylvania after police reportedly discovered 11 kids living with him in a house full of rancid meat and feces.

Tyree Fluellen was arrested on Jan. 5 and charged with one count of aggravated assault and 11 counts of endangering the welfare of children. A warrant for aggravated assault had been issued several months prior to Fluellen’s arrest, according to Mad World News. The charge of endangering the welfare of children, however, came after police entered Fluellen’s home.

When officers arrived at the home to arrest Fluellen, they reportedly encountered a rotting stench at the door. As they entered the residence, the smell only got worse.

Inside the home, child welfare workers witnessed found the floor covered with raw meat and flies, maggots pouring out of trash cans, and feces filling every toilet and bathtub, the Associated Press reports.

There were 11 children living in the residence, though tt’s not clear how many of kids are Fluellen’s biological children. It has been confirmed, however, that they all lived with him and at least one woman in the filthy home.

Six of the children inside the home developed shigella, which is an infection caused by constant exposure to feces.

A warrant has also reportedly been issued for the mother of some of the children, who was absent during Fluellen’s arrest.

Sources: Mad World News, Associated Press via PIX 11 / Photo Credit: Mad World News, Associated Press