Our Favorite Apple Dumplings Recipe


When I think of apple dumplings, I think of the Disney movie “The Apple Dumpling Gang”. The one with Don Knotts. I don’t really remember the movie. I remember it being a western comedy but not much else. Admittedly, I have never eaten apple dumplings before. Before today, I didn’t even know what apple dumplings were. Now that I do, I want some. They look delicious and as though they will be a delicious fall dessert. If you are on a diet do not open this post. Don’t do it.

OK you did it. You decided to stretch out your waistband and make this yummy treats. Now that you have, you can skip past all the knife advertisement and get to the good stuff. Apples, Pillsbury dough, cinnamon and lots and lots of sugar, brown sugar, and butter. Mmmmm good stuff. I suggest you start at the end for the recipe, then go back and watch her make it. Here are some other tasty dumpling recipes. Let’s try them all.