Nicole Scherzinger`s Fishtail Braid

Out of cute hair style ideas? Do you need more glam? You`ve come to the right place. This tutorial will show you how to make a fishtail braid like the one beautiful Nicole Scherzinger wears. Of course, she also has wonderful hair, so if your hair is short and thin – it’s probably not going to work – but if your hair is long – then think no longer.

Make a high ponytail and split the hair into three parts, making sure the third part is way thinner than the other two sections. Then start braiding as shown on the picture. If you are not experienced in self-braiding, maybe you can ask your best friend for help. The steps are clear enough, so if you follow them closely, we believe the results will be great. You may even do it better than Nicole`s stylists. Good luck and don`t forget to share your experience.