Man Rushes Girl Friend To Hospital To give Birth To Quints – Doctors Tell Him There Are No Babies

When 37-year-old Barbara Bienvenue told her new boyfriend Paul Servat, 35, she was pregnant, he was ecstatic. He was more than ready to start a family.

The couple, residents of Quebec, Canada, were excited about starting a family together. Then, in a huge surprise, a few months later after getting an ultrasound, Bienvenue told Servat she was going to have quintuplets.

They were overjoyed, as both had always wanted to have a large family and now Bienvenue had five lives growing inside her.

The happy couple told their family and friends the good news and even set up a Facebook page to update everyone who was interested in Bienvenue’s multiple pregnancy.

Then people even started to donate money and baby items to help the expecting parents prepare for their large family.

Bienvenue even let her boyfriend pick the names for all five babies.

When Bienvenue was 34-weeks pregnant, Servat took her to a hospital in Montreal to give birth to the quintuplets.
But they received heartbreaking news at the hospital.

Hospital staff told Servat the shocking news that Bienvenue would not be delivering five babies because she was not pregnant.

Servat was stunned and in disbelief. How could she have possibly have faked her own pregnancy?

It turned out that the hospital could not document a single visit regarding Bienvenue’s pregnancy. The whole thing was some kind of bizarre fantasy on Bienvenue’s part.

The doctors explained to Servat that his girlfriend was experiencing pseudocyesis, better known as phantom pregnancy.

With this condition, women experience symptoms much like pregnancy even though they are not actually pregnant.

Servat was understandably shocked and hurt to learn the truth about Bienvenue’s phantom pregnancy.

Them the final shoe dropped when a relative of Beinvenue came forward to tell Servat that she had also lied to an ex-boyfriend about being pregnant a few years ago.

I lost everything, it was my whole life,” Servat remarked in an interview with the Toronto Sun.

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