Bride was acting crazy on her wedding day. Then, the Dr notices something strange on her head

Kelly was acting strange on the day of her wedding and kept complaining abut something “inside her brain”. Frantic, Kelly’s mother called in psychiatrist to evaluate her in time for the wedding. But it turns out she was SO wrong…

Kelly’s mother thought her daughter was experiencing severe wedding anxiety. But things got worse, until Dr. Panacek took a closer look at the bride’s scalp and figured out what the problem was.

As Kelly was screaming in pain, her mother stood by her side thinking that her daughter could be suffering from something even more terrifying. As the Doctor looked at her head, he saw the culprit: “My suspicions were confirmed,” he said.

He discovered the real reason behind the bride’s complaints. Dr. Panacek pulled out from Kelly’s head a centimeter-long botfly larvae that was growing in the lesion on her scalp. WTF?!

Kelly had gotten a mosquito bite on her bachelorette party in Costa Rica and tried covering her scab with petroleum jelly. Thinking this would help heal the wound, it actually sealed in a larvae that laid its eggs on top of the mosquito bite. Botfly larvae are very rare in the United States.