Is Your Garage Just A Tad Too Tiny For Two Cars? Watch This!


I am a slave to marketing. Yup. It’s true. This lotion will make my legs tan without streaks? Done. This hairbrush will make my hair shinier and longer in two weeks? Where are the car keys? Off to the store I go. I love new products. There is a pasta strainer that looks life changing that I’m absolutely in love with. Here’s a new one I bet you haven’t seen. A ‘park and slide’ for the garage. I’m not quite sure what I think about it and it hasn’t captured my heart yet but It’s on it’s way. What do you think?

This contraption was designed so that two cars could fit into one small garage. It allows you to park your car and then push (aka slide) it over to make room for the other. Interesting. Cool! I wonder if they made them for left steering cars and if it would work the same? It doesn’t matter for me. There isn’t enough room in my garage for all my stuff, let alone two cars! Lol.

Hometalk has a really simple tip on how to maximize every bit of garage parking space. Waste not, want not. Check it out here.