How to Insulate A Window With Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap is usually used for packing fragile items, but it is actually more versatile than you expected. Here’s a useful bubble wrap trick for you. If you live in an apartment or an old house with bad insulation, especially in the window, then it’s really not very energy efficient and you will end up with a high utility bill during the cold winter months. Fortunately, there is a super simple and cheap solution to it: just use bubble wrap! In the video below, YouTuber AlaskaGranny shows us how she uses bubble wrap to insulate a window and it actually makes a huge difference. The bubble wrap is cheap, long-lasting, easily removed, and is completely safe for the windows. It helps to keep your room warmer and lower your utility bill. Check out the video below and see how you can fight off the cold with this simple to do bubble wrap trick.

(source: AlaskaGranny)

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