How To Maximize Every Square Inch Of Space in Your Home


Tiny. Meager. Small. Cramped. Sound like your living space? All of us have rooms that are short on space and some of us even have whole homes that are short on space. If that’s you then this roundup is perfect for you! It’s a space saving lifesaver! Fashion Diva Designs has everything you need to maximize your space no matter how miniscule it is.

What’s the secret you ask? Organization and space space saving furniture. There are some pretty fabulous ways to use your space if you just get creative. For example, an over the toilet shelf in the bathroom will free up tons of room and a pantry will pull out drawers will allow for so much food to be fit into a tiny space. Hooray! I have something very similar to that Shoe rack.

I think it’s from Ikea but it was in our house when we moved in. I wish I could have an under the stairs office but then I wouldn’t be able to have a half bath or laundry cubby. Will you able to put any of these to good use? I hope so! Wise Bread has 20 other helpful tips for living in small spaces. All of these tips together should make your life much easier! Have fun.