How to Make Super Effective Mask for Break-Out Times

I have quite an acne-prone skin. I feel like I’m now paying back for my break-out free teenage years;-)) I found that Cosmetic Warrior Mask does help with my troubled times, yet it’s only sold in stores and I can’t drive 15 minutes to the closest one every week to get my fresh mask. Especially since it’s super easy and 16 times cheaper to make one at home;-) I simply make enough for about 14 uses and then portion and freeze it in an ice cube tray for “emergency” times. Here’s how I make it…

INGREDIENTS: (enough for 14 masks)

  • 17 Green Grapes (Seedless) – remove excess grease without stripping moisture
  • 1 Fresh Egg – regulates natural sebum production
  • 4 tsp Honey – kills acne-causing bacteria
  • 4 tsp Corn Starch soothes skin
  • 2 tsp Glycerin – helps skin utilize benefits of grapes, egg, honey & tea tree oil
  • 2 Garlic Cloves – deep-cleansing & antiseptic, true warrior when it comes to fighting acne;-)
  • a few drops Tea Tree Oilheals and cleanses skin
  • 8 tsp Clay*** – pulls out dirt & toxins from skin, improves skin circulation

HOW I MAKE IT: I first mashed garlic with garlic press. Then added garlic to all other ingredients and blended them all together into a paste. And my mask is ready!

I store single-use portions in an ice cube tray in my freezer. I simply take each portion out about an hour before using it. Since this mask doesn’t freeze like water does, it will be really easy to pull one mask-ball out with a fork and it will not take long to unfreeze completely.

I hope you guys will enjoy your facial spa time;-) Because you deserve it!