How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration [video]


Those of you who are looking to have an environmentally friendly Christmas, there are cool ways to decorate your home without having to give up entirely on the idea of a tree. It won’t be a living tree, but there are so many great DIY Christmas tree projects out there that is hard to choose only one. If you feel crafty and creative, you can try some of these projects below, as you have a number of 20 projects to choose from. The cupcake liners Christmas tree looks great and you don’t have to invest a lot of money to build it. Besides this, you can make the tree as colorful as you like. A very vintage idea would be to create a tree like the one made out of printed paper. You can recycle a lot of left-over paper this way and give your room a unique look. Take a look at the other projects and start building your very own

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration