How to DIY Wooden Pallet House


Wooden pallets are commonly use as a mechanism for shipping and storing larger items. But recently, thanks to the creativity of the DIY enthusiasts, they have become so popular as a useful resource for creating amazing structures. Wooden pallets can be disassembled into wood planks that can be used for any size of projects, from cool pallet furniture, practical garden planters, and even a house, as shown in the above photo!

This pallet house is a nice way to recycle wooden pallets and decrease their environmental impact. The innovative design is developed by the creative people at I-Beam Architecture and Design. You can find different wooden pallet house prototypes and purchase the constructions plans. The house plans are designed to be built by anyone, so even if you don’t have any construction experience, you can still build your own this beautiful pallet house in one day with the easy-to-follow instructions and basic tools. You can even upgrade it with insulation, air-conditioning and other facilities.

Be sure to head over to I-Beam Architecture and Design for more details about how to build a wooden pallet house…

I-Beam Architecture and Design – Pallet House Construction Plan