How to DIY Glass Marble Candle Holder


Remember the glass marbles that you played with when you were a child? If you still keep some of them, you can reuse them in a creative way. Here is a nice DIY project to make a candle holder with glass marbles. Candles and beautiful candle holders are indispensable to a romantic dinner. This glass marble candle holder looks very unique. Especially when the light goes through the glass, it creates a beautiful effect in the dark. It’s super easy to make. You may use colorful glass marbles to make it. It’s also a practical way to recycle your old CDs. Let’s get started!

What you need:

  • Glass marbles;
  • Old CD or DVD;
  • Instant glue;
  • Tealight candle.

How to do:

  1. Take an old CD or DVD as the base for the candle holder.
  2. Apply instant glue to each glass marble and start to glue around the edge of the CD.
  3. After you finish with the first layer of glass marbles, continue to make the second layer. Make sure each marble of the second layer should sit on the gap between the two marbles of the first layer.
  4. Continue to make more layer until your desired number of layers.
  5. Wait for the glue to completely dry.
  6. Place a tealight candle inside and enjoy!