How to DIY Easy Infinity Scarf with a Knitting Loom


Would you like to make a nice and warm knitted scarf for yourself or your loved ones? Using knitting needles may seem a little bit complicated, but there are many simple tools that can help you achieve your knitting job a lot easier. For example, your arms or your fingers are probably the simplest tools for knitting. A knitting loom is also a good idea. I came across a nice DIY tutorial on how to make an infinity scarf with a knitting loom. With the help of this little device, it’s just so quick and easy to knit a fantastic scarf like the one in the photo. You can try other colors of yarn to make it, or you try a combination of colors.

Here’s the link to the pattern and knitting tutorial…

Lovin’ from the Oven – DIY: How to use a Knitting Loom to make an Infinity Scarf