How to Build a Milk Jug Igloo [video]


How do you combine an educational activity with one that involves responsibility about our environment, you ask? The igloo made out of recycled milk jugs is the right answer. This is a very entertaining crafts project and it will be highly appreciated by your children, as you can ask for their help when building the igloo. You can make this both a playful and learning opportunity, as you can teach your children math, while counting the milk jugs or tell them some useful facts about igloos and the Arctic. Some prior planning will be necessary as well. Once the small construction is done (with the help of hot glue), place a bunch of comfortable pillows inside and it will be ideal for a place to relax and have some afternoon reading sessions. Around 428 jugs were used in the example shown in the picture, but the result is outstanding!

Photo courtesy: survivingateacherssalary