On First Night With New Family, Adopted Dog Ends Up Miraculously Saving 2-Yr-Old Boy’s Life

Some events are due to destiny. There’s no other way to explain why something happens as it does. Like why Sadie the dog found her way to this Muskegon, Michigan family. All the family know is this pooch is a hero.

Sadie needed a new home. Her previous owner, an older person, couldn’t bring her to their new place. The dog was in need of a new forever home since early December.

Kathy Hines was responsible for finding the precious pooch a new family. She was successful placing her with one. During Sadie’s first night with her new family. Sadie alerted the parents of the 2-year-old boy of a problem. The sleeping little boy’s blood sugar levels took a severe drop. Because of Sadie’s frantic barking, the boy’s mother was able to get her son the much-needed help to save his life.

The little one could have died if it weren’t for Sadie’s intervention. There’s no way of explaining how the dog knew something was amiss. She just met her new human caregivers; their bond didn’t have a chance to form, but somehow Sadie took action.

Animals just know when something’s wrong. Call it instinct if you will, what Sadie did for this little boy and his family is amazing.

Shouldn’t such a smart pooch be rewarded for her life-saving act? We’re sure the family has brought her bones and toys and treats galore, but what about recognition? Sadie was awarded the One Good thing award from WZZM13, a television station in Michigan.

When Kathy heard of Sadie’s heroism, she called it a Christmas miracle. We agree. What a fabulous gift for the holidays.

We wish the little boy a speedy recovery and only fun times with his new best friend, Sadie.