Extremely Creative and Smart DIY Paper Art Inspiration Dose by Cecilia Levy

Here on Homesthetics we have already presented numerous smart examples of diy paper art, diy wall art decor and diy origami installations worth considering, the possibilities offered by a piece of paper are endless. Today,Cecilia Levy, a contemporary artist from Sigtuna, Sweden has her work showcased below. Whether you are new to paper art and you start your first project today or you’re a small artist already we invite you to search inspiration in the art materialized by Cecilia Levy, her work is highly creative and unique thanks to the amount of details and the finesse put into every single piece. It is clear that she has her own style already, a signature design that can be easily recognized from first glance. We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below on this extraordinary artistic line. How do you position this paper art collection in the huge paper art field?