Eliminate Head Lice With This Simple, Safe and Natural Remedy


Head lice are not a fun thing to experience. There is a natural remedy that will get rid of head lice, so you don’t have to spend tons of money.
Head lice are tiny insects that feed on the blood from the scalp. Lice usually affect children and can be transferred very easily to other children. One in every ten children acquires head lice at some time in their schooling. Transmitting head lice is very easy and girls get lice more often than boys.

Signs of head lice

-tickling feeling of something moving in the hair
-sores on the head

You don’t have to spend several dollars to treat head lice for your child. There is a natural, safe, and simple way to treat and get rid of head lice.

What you’ll need

-Listerine mouthwash
-white vinegar
-shower cap
-lice comb


1. Completely wet the hair with the Listerine.
2. When the hair is completely wet, put a shower cap over the hair.
3. Let the hair sit under the cap for an hour.
4. After the hour is up, simply remove the bag and rinse the mouthwash out of the hair.
5. After rinsing the mouthwash out, soak the hair with the vinegar and reapply the bags and let the vinegar soak for another hour.
6. After the next hour rinse the vinegar out and then shampoo the hair.
7. After you have shampooed the hair, comb it with the lice comb.

Lice do not like the smell of spearmint, so after you get rid of the lice and want to keep it away, simply spray some spearmint mouthwash and a little water on their scalp before school to keep from getting lice again.

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