Drivers Gasp As Person Is Pulled From Car And Beaten, They Suddenly Realize What’s Happening

What do you think the conversation the two women involved in this video was about before the driver stopped the car? What kind of revelation could prompt someone to pull a passenger out of their car and beat the living crap out of them? Did the victim admit to cheating with the attacker’s boyfriend or husband, or did she victim tell the attacker she had stolen something? What could possibly cause someone to fly off the handle into such a vicious rage?

Inquiring minds want to know…

In the recently filmed video from somewhere in the southern US, a woman was filmed stopping her car in traffic, then pulling out her passenger and beating her senseless on the side of the road.

Amazingly, a few nearby onlookers appear to be cheering the attacker on. The driver is punching and kicking her passenger, but rather than try to stop the attack, witnesses were encouraging her and laughing.

It seems that another driver who was behind the attacker’s car stopped and recorded the entire attack from the safety of his vehicle.

The scary attack lasts for more than a minute as the driver punches and kicks her helpless victim over and over again.

The angry woman beats her prone passenger brutally about the head, calling her a “b*tch” and a “h*e” while kicking and punching her.

The attacker stands over her victim’s body, who is laying across the curb next to the car, and the desperate woman tries to protect her head from the rain of blows.

It is not known if local law enforcement has seen this clip or if the attacker in the video has been charged with any crime related to the violent incident.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: YouTube