DIY Transform Basement Into Awesome Craft Room


Having their very own craft room is the dream of everyone who loves creating crafts. Building a craft room is not an easy task. But for the DIY enthusiasts, with their creative minds and skillful hands, this dream can easily come true. Here is a perfect example.

Andrew Payne’s wife and daughter love DIY and creating crafts together. But their home in Utah had not much room for them to enjoy the activities together. So when they went away for family visit and the Dad was home alone, Andrew decided to give his dear wife and daughter a big surprise. In just 20 days, Andrew transformed the whole basement of their house into an incredibly amazing craft room. The new craft room has so many admiring DIY features, such as overhead lighting, handmade craft tables, bright and colorful walls, and a large walk-in closet for storage. Putting in the fridge and TV is a good idea too, making it not only a craft room, but also a great place to relax. This awesome basement transformation did involve a lot of Andrew’s time and efforts. But it was totally worth it because this is such a wonderful gift for his wife and daughter. Check out the video and watch the whole process from start to finish. I am sure you’ll be amazed by the results too. Enjoy!

(via Andrew Payne)

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