DIY Natural Fly Repellant Using Pennies In Bags of Water


Summer is full of outdoor fun. It’s a great time to gather with friends and family in the backyard for a BBQ party or pool party, enjoy the delicious food, grab a glass of iced drink and relax in the warm summer night. But there is one part of summer that’s definitely not so fun, and even annoying: those pesky flies that are flying around! Using bug zappers might be a solution. But here is a simple and more natural way to get rid of the unwelcome flies. In this tutorial, this DIYer shows how to make a natural fly repellant using pennies in bags of water. It’s very easy and cheap to make with supplies you’ve probably already have in your household, such as Ziploc bags, lime juice and salt. Simply mix salt and lime juice in water, pour it into the plastic bag and then drop a few pennies in. Finally hang the bag in your house, backyard, garden or anywhere you want the flies to go away. It’s amazing that this little trick is so effective. Check out more details at Instructables.

Check out a video tutorial here…

source: 1BettyBill