DIY Cute Winter Yarn Ornaments


Christmas ornaments come in many shapes and forms, and it can be a bit expensive to change them every year. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some new elements to your Christmas tree every winter, but try and get creative each year. So this season, try and make these adorable winter yarn ornaments and place them on your tree or around the house. You will need: knitting yarn (different colors), scissors, toilet paper rolls, fabric glue and small crystals or beads. Cut the toilet paper rolls in 2-3 cm wide pieces. Start rolling the yarn on the pieces of toilet paper rolls, as shown in the picture and make a knot. Repeat the step until you covered the whole toilet paper rolls with yarn and you get an ornament that looks just like a small hat. Use yarn to hang the ornaments and glue beads or small crystals in them to add some extra style. More details on Stranamasterov…

Hats – Christmas souvenir –


Make it: Winter Hat Ornaments (tutorial) – by Lisa Gutierrez