DIY: Beautiful Plastic Spoon Centerpiece

1DIY Plastic Spoon

Who could think that simple objects of our daily lives can turn into beautiful decoration for any kind of party and celebration? Using creativity and imagination is something primordial for the ones who want to call attention and be praised by their work and even with little money and time you can create something unique for your guests!

This idea fits in all of these features: it is cheap, easy to make and you will only need simplematerialsthat you possibly have at home! So have a look in this post and be amazed!

To make this beautiful and charming centerpiece you will need:

–          A glass jar (that ones used to put jams, peanut butter, mayonnaise…)

–          Plastic spoons

–          Hot glue

–          Spray paint


Start removing the handles of the spoons breaking it with your hands. It doesn’t need to be perfect because they won’t appear in the end.  Start gluing the spoons from the top to bottom doing layers one above the other.


Be careful with the last layer. The spoon mustn’t overpass the jar or the centerpiece will be floppy.  Use a scissor to cut the edges of the spoon in the last layer giving a better finish to it.


Now your centerpiece is ready. You can use it in the original color or use a spray paint to change it according to your decoration. Place a flower inside it and you can also use a ribbon in the base to make it more beautiful! Simple and easy isn’t it?