Dia De Los Muertos – 24 Ways You Can Make Your Own Sugar Skulls


Dia de los Muertos is gaining a lot of mainstream popularity these days. From the Mexican tradition celebrated November 1 & 2, this celebrations is done in honor of the dead. It It is said that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31st, and children are invited to reunite with their family for 24 hours and on November 2nd, adults are able to return to their families for the day.

Sugar skulls were created because many people were not wealthy enough to buy fancy European church decorations, but had easy access to sugar It was easy to make a skull from sugar and on it, write the name of your deceased loved one. This was done to honor their return of their spirit for Dia de los Muertos. Now, the tradition of creating the skulls has become an art form and has spread throughout the world. Here are 24 ways you can make your own sugar skull inspired art.