How To Decorate Easter Eggs Using Dye Rice


Easter is around the corner! But it’s never too late to make some unique decorations for your home. One of the most traditional Easter decoration is Easter egg. There are many creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. For example, you can dip the eggs in water mixed with nail polish to create the beautiful patterns on the eggs. Here we are going to show your another unique and fun way to dye eggs.

In this tutorial, YouTube channel SurpriseFunTV demonstrates an interesting idea to decorate Easter eggs using dye rice. It’s an easy project with beautiful results. All you need are white rice, food coloring, a container with lid and eggs. Start by adding a few drops of food coloring to the rice and shake it in the container. Then comes the fun part of shaking the eggs in the container to apply the unique speckled effect on the eggshell. You can use different colors or even multi-colors to create different designs. It’s a fun craft to work with kids and is perfect for Easter. Follow the video and learn all the details. Happy Easter crafting!

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(source: SurpriseFunTV)