Dad Sits Outside Sick Wife’s Door For Days, Daughter Captures His Heartwrenching Devotion.

Every wedding tradition in the world has this general understanding – the person you choose to marry is your person for life, no matter what. It’s easy to proclaim undying affection when you’re young and life is easy… but the true test comes when everything starts falling apart.

17-yr-old Mackenna Newman saw this selfless love displayed first hand in the love of her parents, Marci and Jon. Marci was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October and recently began radiation treatments. The doctors ordered her to stay isolated in her bedroom while the chemotherapy did its job… but Jon would not be parted from her.

On Friday, Mackenna posted this photo to her Twitter account that has people speechless and also in tears for all the right reasons.

According to her mom, Marci, “Jon goes to every doctor’s appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation… as you can see, if he can’t be by my side he is as close as he can get!”


Whatever your perspective or experience with marriage, the bond that these two lovebirds share is undeniable. If ever you need a picture of what true love looks like, you know where to look.

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