Crochet Rudolph the Reindeer Hat Pattern


Every child has its own favorite cartoon character and near Christmas, Rudolph is quite popular. Sure, reindeers are adorable, but Christmas time and the cartoonish way in which they are represented, make them even more cuter. So if you are looking to surprise your child, you can crochet this sweet Rudolph the reindeer hat. It is a perfect winter gift, that will keep your child warm and it will be fun for the both of you, as it will be bring a smile upon everyone’s face. To make the hat, follow the instructions from the link and use the free pattern for an awesome result. Make sure to decorate the hat once it is ready and apply the eyes and the nose of the reindeer. Place the hat under the Christmas tree and let your child discovery this beautiful gift.

Crochet Rudolph the Reindeer Hat Pattern – Repeat Crafter Me