Creative Bird Baths And Garden Planters


2 in 1 projects are great for small gardens. Something like this planter/bird bath combo is darling and would be just perfect for those small on space. For something that looks so complicated it is surprisingly easy to make. Mostly you need terracotta pots, a piece of rebar, a boob light and potting soil. Everything else it just to dress it up and make it look stunning. Check out the tutorial for yourself if you don’t believe me!

I love how it it so bright and cheery! The color Home Stories used is called ‘Exotic Sea’ and I love how it makes the color of the flowers pop. A yellow shade would be lovely too but red would go better with the colors of my house. I would want to plant a succulent or crawling vine so that it would overflow. A different one in each tear would be fun. It’s a fun DIY in general. The topsy turvy feel is so whimsical; I’m sure Dr Seuss would approve. Check out this video of a Seuss inspired garden here. Love it!