Causes Of Toe Deformities And How To Get Rid Of Them


To have beautifully shaped feet, you are required to have a straight spine. Pain in the thumb and wrist indicate “blind bone” or medicinally- hallus valgus.

Some women just need a pedicure to have perfect feet, but for some nothing can hide the “blind bone” which though at first glance looks very non-aesthetic, and it can cause severe pain. The outgrowth of the toe bone is a medical problem that needs to be treated. At least for aesthetic reasons.

According to senior physiotherapist, at the “Balance Medic,” the problem with the feet is closely associated with deformity of the spine. Also, these changes of the feet can be inherited or acquired. These Are The Causes Of Toes Deformities

Ballet shoesare the worst possible choice of footwear.

Completely flat shoes, especially low quality ballet shoe without pads is the worst choice of footwear. Equally has a bad influence on the spine and the feet as well as high heels, tight and uncomfortable shoes. Ideal shoes are those with heels of 2-4 cm, and that are wide, not to tight.

As soon as the pain in the thumb or middle part of the foot appears, and sometimes applies pressure around the hock, it is necessary to react. If even with the smallest symptoms you ask for help, you can very easily be cured.

The problem with wearing uncomfortable shoes can be an important factor for bone deformity, but contributes more to bad posture and habits we have acquired over the lifetime, explains the senior physiotherapist,and that her patients are treated with Bowen method and reflexology.

With gentle movements, it returns the statics of the body and its normal posture.

Physical exercise cannot permanently solve the problem of static body. So a complex therapeutic approach is needed to solve this problem.

To help your feet, she advised, besides using comfortable shoes, to go barefoot whenever you can and to do specific exercises with the thumb.

What is the Bowen technique?

Bowen technique is a completely new concept of work with the body, and is consisted of gentle movements with the thumbs and other fingers through muscle and connective tissue. Youcan make breaks during therapy to allow enough time for adequate reaction and begin the process of recovery. Results are visible after 5-6 treatments, and full recovery is individual.

Someone has a “blind bone” for 30 years, and this deformity can not disappear in just two months. Someone just wants to relieve pain and is pleased with the initial results, but there are people that with these treatments keep their body, raise their general fitness level and determine the pace of therapies.