Bad News For Jobless Mom-Of-12 Known As ‘Queen Of Benefits’ Who Collects Nearly $50K Per Year

A mother-of-12 reportedly stole over $12,000 in change from parking machines. Cheryl Prudham, 34, is no stranger to publicity or controversy. Prior to this, she came under fire for collecting more than $49,000 a year in welfare – earning the title “Queen of Benefits” by local papers.

Earlier in the year, Cheryl was photographed shopping for a Mercedes at a dealership hear her home in Wigan, Lancashire.

Cheryl’s estranged husband, Robert Prudham, 31, is charged with stealing $12,886 from parking meters along with failing to divulge previous criminal convictions to a recruitment firm. Cheryl is accused of handling Robert’s stolen cash.

The family trio, which includes Jacob Undertown, 27, are all charged with the same crimes, but deny the allegations. The three reportedly stole cash and coins from numerous car parks in Maidstone, Kent.

Cheryl, Robert and Undertown will stand trial in November, reports Daily Mail.

The mother-of-12 is a part-time cleaner and had six children by two different men before having six more with her ex Robert.

The couple broke up after Robert was caught having a sleazy threesome involving his own cousin.

“I don’t want another bloke because they are too much hard work. I was hurt by Robert and find it difficult to trust again,” she said.
She recently revealed to wanting another child through a sperm donor and says she’s addicted to getting pregnant.

When Cheryl and her ex were still married, they reportedly took home $73,626 a year and succeeded in evading the $31,899 benefits cap. By having a 13th child, Cheryl would be able to rake in more benefits, according to The Mirror.

“Another baby would mean more benefits so the more the merrier,” said Cheryl.

“I’m not worried about getting hit by the benefits cap, there are always ways around it.”
She plans on using the extra money towards a boob job and tummy-tuck.

“I’ve spent most of my life having babies and I wanted to treat myself and concentrate on me for a bit,” she says.

”I’ve had offers of dates but I can’t be bothered with men any more and I’ve realized having babies makes me happy.”

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