Awesome Beauty Hacks To Keep Yourself Looking Beautiful


I get lazier as I get older. I used to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready but now I push the limit with my snooze button. Sleeping in, even just 30 minutes more, is glorious. I have to race around the bathroom like a crazy person to get ready when I sleep late. Anyone else been there? I know I’m not alone! These hacks are game changers. Not all of them are quick or will get you out the door faster, but each and every one is amazing and will keep you looking bright and beautiful.

I have crazy eyebrows so #15 is perfect for me! My skin is looking a little under the weather right now. It might be from the season change but I want to try washing my face with baby oil right away. I’ll pass on the shaving and beard care tips to my honey! I know he could use some bathroom hacks too! We can all use some more help! Here are a couple more bathroom tips that I found really helpful.