20 Years After Death Of Princess Diana, Sons Make Headlines With Announcement About Their Mom

Few royal figures have stolen the heart of the public like Princess Diana. Even for people who owed no allegiance to the British crown, they embraced Diana as the “People’s Princess” for breaking the traditional royal mold, and standing behind charitable and humanitarian causes all around the world.


Diana’s relationship with her children was perhaps of an equal draw for why we loved her! Instead of being stuffy, she appeared so comfortable and loving in her role as a mother. Pictures of her playing with her kids, laughing freely, enjoying the world with the same child like curiosity, are engrained in many of our memories.

Even with her philanthropic outlook and motherly sensibilities she was a princess after all, and nothing said this more clearly than her sense of style! The fashion world loved watching Diana dress in casual jumpers and corduroys on one hand, while being completely mesmerized by her glamorous 25-feet trained wedding gown, jewels, evening gowns, and so on!


Diana with all her virtues was still considered a rebel amongst the British royal family. Her choice in speaking up for tabooed causes like landmines and HIV AIDS was not always appreciated by the Crown. In spite of it, her determination to stand up for causes that she believed in was what made her the people’s princess. She was famously quoted as saying,

“I don’t go by the rule book, I lead from the heart, not the head.”

It would be difficult to find someone who didn’t believe that with her death 20 years ago, the world lost a wonderful woman and humanitarian, but heaven gained an angel.

diana 2

Memories of Princes Diana have lived on through her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who have embraced her humble and relatable attributes, not to mention her charming personality.

In an attempt to make their mother’s memories more permanent, the sons issued a collective statement that a statue of Diana, Princess of Wales, will finally grace the public grounds of Kensington Palace for all to enjoy.

diana 1Twitter/Kensington Palace

Sources say that the statue will be privately funded and will provide another way to respect and remember the Princess.

For Prince William and Prince Harry, their “mummy” lives on in all our memories!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two decades since Princess Diana’s death. The books and records speak plenty to Diana’s legacy, but one can’t help but wonder how much of a better place the world would be with her in it!