20 Super Simple DIY’s That Will Work Wonders For Your Home


Take a look at these 20 simple ways to spruce up your home. They’re terrific! Like most people, I have a few rooms in my house I am getting a little bored with. Besides, sometimes you just need a weekend project to keep busy around the house. Here are some amazing upgrades you can do with little to no carpentry skills. That’s right up my alley!

I know many of you are like me and can always use some more storage in the bathroom. Take a look at #1. With a little modification to fit into my decor, this will be a great addition to the bathroom. My husband will love that my stuff is out of the way for the 5 minutes he spends shaving in the morning. If only getting ready was so easy for me!

I love accent walls! The accent wall #4 creates looks beautiful. Now it has me looking for the perfect wall in my home to put this wonderful idea to work. The perfect paint too. Getting the right shade isn’t as easy as it sounds. HGTV has ten helpful hints that will save you some heartache and wasted time.