Mason jars originated from the molding of glass jars for the purpose of canning and preserving food items. The name Mason was derived from the patented owner John Mason in a time which, from what we are told by history, was the epic era of canning. Mason jars can be bought online with the customer having the option of choosing his preferred brand yet. If you wish to temporarily store food in the freezer, use a wide mouth mason jar with straight sides otherwise you would end up having a serious problem on your hand. These versatile jars are mainly used during the holiday season but can be appreciated all year round for more than just storing jams.

Mason jars as we know use recycled glass and seeing that most people are into preserving the environment, the idea of reusing mason jars for various DIY craft endeavors has grown among people. They can be painted and designed to enhance your Christmas, Halloween or Easter experience. Give someone a gift made from a mason jar or create a centerpiece for a your home or a special occasion just by adding your own innovative style and decorative design.

When reusing mason jars for the preservation and storing of food, understand that they must be thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. Howbeit for crafts, you can use chalk paint, mod podge, decoupage designs, spray paint or acrylic paint. Show off a yuletide display via mason jars or fill a nicely decorated one with candy then give it to a friend as a loving gesture. Mason jars are also great in the use of votive candles, they assist in keeping things organized but are more popular as luminaries especially around Christmas time.