16 Loft Beds That Make A Cool Use Of Your Space


Whether you have a small space or just like making the most of your space, these awesome loft beds might be for you! I love the idea of a loft bed. I’m not one that hangs out in the bedroom. I don’t watch tv in there, I don’t read in there, so a loft bed is a fantastic idea for me. I keep my clothes in my office, anyway, all that would change is where I sleep. I would have a whole room to do something else with! Maybe a home gym! If you are short on room, consider a loft bed that goes right over the top of your desk. That way you can have an office/bedroom in one. With the growing popularity of tiny homes, we are seeing a rise in the number of loft beds. Many of them feature loft beds right over the kitchen or whatnot! There are also a couple of options featured if you want your bed to share space in your living room. A retractable one is a great idea! Just fold it out when you need it. Or you could go a very modern route and have your bed suspended from the ceiling. A very modern take on the loft bed. A small room can have all the room you need with a built in bed situated right over a closet and storage space. An alternative to bunk beds for kids who both want to sleep on the top bunk. Make them both the top bunk with this L shaped bed. And the best part is that it leaves plenty of room for them to play on the floor! All of these awesome loft beds are fantastic for saving space or maximizing the space you have. The less room your bed takes up, the more space you have for living! I am pretty sure my husband is going to oblige willingly when I ask him nicely to check into building a loft bed for our home! We could definitely use more space!