15 Ways To Use Coffee Filters You Never Knew About


There are many ways to use coffee filters that you have never thought of. Oh, you thought they were just for coffee? These amazing little things are good for so much more than filtering your coffee! I don’t even have a coffee pot that takes them anymore, but I keep some around for all these other amazing uses. I love finding a common household item that can be used as something else. You will likely be amazed at all the other ways to use a coffee filter. They can be used in cleaning, decorating and so much more. I want you to use a coffee filter the next time you clean a window or a mirror. You will never choose to use a paper towel for this job again! You will be amazed that no lint is left behind when using coffee filters to clean glass. Similarly, they are also perfect for cleaning the screens of your electronics. They are perfect for protecting your fine china from chips and scratches. Just place one coffee filter in between each two plates. Soften the lighting in your pictures are using a coffee filter as a flash diffuser. Soften your clothes by using them in a homemade fabric softener recipe. I am so thankful to know all these alternate ways to use many other items in my home. Coffee filters seem to be one of the most versatile. You can use them in anything from art projects, to throw away snack bowls to make clean up a breeze after family movie night! If you ever make homemade cheese or yogurt, use these to strain instead of cheesecloth.You will surely find many uses for your old coffee filters as well.