Young Girl’s Trying To Practice Flute Instead Dog Has Internet Rolling

This Golden Retriever is not afraid of putting in his two cents. It’s moments like these that make pet personalities really shine – and this one has a personality that will put a smile on your face. Now that this video has circulated around the internet, he has earned the nickname “grumpy dog.” And it was all because of this girl’s flute practice. Watch the video below and you’ll see why this dog has everyone laughing!

Maybe you’ve heard of the countless hours that parents spend listening to their child’s instrument practice. Maybe you are the parent that has spent those countless hours. Sometimes we forget that our pets share those same experiences, and this golden retriever wanted to let everyone know that he had enough. But it was all fun and games for this girl.

Watch her play a few notes in anticipation of the dog’s hilarious response. It could be that the napping dog was simply singing along to the tune of, “Are You Sleeping.” But as his responses become more and more dramatic, it seems like he is voicing all of his stored-up complaints. This girl responds right back to him, leaving the family in complete hysterics. When you play the video, you’ll be busting up too!

Source: YouTube