After Years Of Silence Between Them Audience Erupts When Garfunkel Confronts Simon Onstage


As much as we love to tune in today’s hits, there are times we tend to find ourselves retreating to the music of the past. There are songs that just go down in history and become timeless no matter the year or generation. The lyrics and music style don’t fit into a specific category that may go out of date, but speak to the hearts across time and genre.

Today we are going be in time to the ’60’s . The time drew light to bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and this remarkable duo, Simon & Garfunkel.



Alongside the aforementioned Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Beach Boys, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were counterculture icons of the 1960’s. Their biggest hit was a little song you may have heard of: “The Sound of Silence.”

Though Simon & Garfunkel were behind other classics like “Mrs. Robinson”, “The Boxer”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”- “The Sound of Silence” is a song that has been passed on from generation after generation. As soon as that first note drops and the duo sings the haunting first words “Hello darkness my old friend,” you feel a special type emotion resonate through your soul.


The track’s origins come from a significant place. It was released three months after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, prompting many to believe that Paul Simon had penned it in light of the tragic event. Though initially a commercial failure, “The Sound of Silence” eventually gained more radio play in the years that followed.

Following its success, “The Sound of Silence” took the 18th spot in 20 of the most performed songs of the 20th century. In 2004, the track came in 157th place of Rolling Stone’s list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. What’s more, “The Sound of Silence” will forever be one of folk music’s most significant songs.


To hear Simon & Garfunkel sing it live is an enchanting experience. Sure, the duo may have had their differences over the years, but there’s no denying the fact that they released a song that is sure to stand the test of time.

In this live performance, it sure looks like Simon & Garfunkel have put the past behind them. As soon as Paul Simon plucks his guitar, they share a knowing smile. And the rest, as you may expect, is magic. Don’t forget to enjoy this enchanting performance yourself!