Woman Jumps Out Of Car Trunk Of Moving Car, Then People Learn What Happened To Her (Video)

A female victim managed to escape her captor by successfully breaking out of the trunk of a car she was in and running away to get help. Surveillance video captured her escape (video below).

The Alabama victim, 25, had been approached by a man with a handgun on Mar. 14 just outside her apartment building in Birmingham around 10:30 p.m, said Sgt. Bryan Shelton, AL.com reports.

The suspect allegedly threatened her with his gun and demanded money. When the victim replied she didn’t have any money, the suspect took her to her black Nissan Altima and forced her inside, after first stealing her mobile phone and wallet, Shelton said.

He later allegedly forced her into the trunk of the car.

According to KFSN, the victim told police the suspect drove her car and made several stops while she was in the trunk. She assumed her captor was trying to get cash from her cards.

The robber stopped at a gas station at around 11:40 p.m. and tried to withdraw cash from an ATM.

 Yosef Alsabah, the owner of the Gas Land station, observed the thief trying to use the ATM to withdraw cash multiple times before going to the counter to ask for help in using the machine.

“He was not right… there was something going on with him,” Alsabah said. “He looked like he had a pistol in his pocket — I kept an eye on him.”

 Alsabah said the man was aiming to withdraw more money than was available in the account and was becoming disgruntled. He told the suspect to try again later.

The kidnapper then left and was in the process of driving away when Alsabah, watching him leave through the window, saw the trunk abruptly open and a woman hop out.

 “I got her inside and locked the door, then called the police,” Alsabah said, adding that the victim grabbed his shotgun once she made it safely inside. The owner calmed the victim down by telling her the suspect was not coming back.The woman then told Alsabah how she was forced into the car and taken along as her captor drove to several ATMs to withdraw money using her debit card.

Using the gas station owner’s phone, she called her family as the two waited for the police to arrive.

She had suffered a few minor injuries and was later taken to a local hospital by a family member to be treated, Alsabah said.

Police are actively looking for the suspect.

Sources: AL.com, KFSN / Photo credit: David Villareal Fernandez/Flickr